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F.C.A. Vision

The vision of the Fairgreen Community Association is to involve citizens in identifying issues, plans, and projects that enhance the beauty, safety, vibrancy, and human-scale character of Fairgreen neighborhoods, businesses, and historical and natural resources. The council sponsors, supports, and provides a voice on such issues to governing bodies, public and private service agencies, the community at large and any other organization or individual that may directly affect the vitality of the Fairgreen area and its residents.

The Fairgreen community is a safe and beautiful community of friendly, enlightened, caring and involved neighbors.

To accomplish our vision, F.C.A. mission action items are:

1. Educate the community about issues and activities concerning the F.C.A. and surrounding areas.
2. Encourage involvement of neighbors through monthly meetings, volunteerism, street fairs, and other community events including block parties.
3. Encourage the improved walk ability of neighborhoods by having maintained sidewalks and drainage systems, maintained yards and gardens and improved lighting.
4. Encourage places that support relationships among residents, including small business, coffee shops and clean recreation areas.
5. Support an adequate number of law/safety officers to meet the needs of the community, in combination with crime prevention programs and citizen involvement.
6. Supports historic preservation.
7. Support the increased maintenance and enhanced improvements of parks and areas that are for the multiple uses of all residents.
8. Promote neighborhood involvement for well thought out traffic control and planning, and utilization of public transportation.
9. Support our local businesses
10. Plan today for the residents of tomorrow Fairgreen Community Association

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